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maniac May 5th 2010 07:27

Carbon Fibre - Cfk dash panel ;-)
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Look what ive done...

100% cfk, customizable, with or without holes for 52mm gauges

more at

volkdent May 5th 2010 14:18

Very nice!!! Are you doing roof spoilers?


maniac May 5th 2010 15:50

no, sorry....
This time we are only doing some little goodies for interior
Like this dash panel

its a cover up for scratchy dash panel.

100% cfk, no ****ing veneer or film:D
100% accurately, with or without holes for 52mm Gauges

maniac May 26th 2010 03:51 more comments?
No Intrests?

any wishes?

best regards

Xellex May 26th 2010 04:23

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hi, great product! This just went to my "list of things to buy for my project".
Could you make one without the holes I hilighted in the picture?

maniac May 26th 2010 04:31

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Sure, no Problem.

looks like this ;-) of course without the holes for the 52mm instruments

maniac March 9th 2011 15:25

tadaaa....some news

More at the gallery at

maniac October 10th 2011 13:39


build in friends car..

Look at

maniac December 18th 2011 04:42

no interest?

where are your comments?

maniac January 5th 2012 12:02

Customer car in Press - vw-scene -

VW Scene 01/2012

Nice Pics :-)

Steve C January 6th 2012 07:12


They look great, do you do them in RHD?


maniac January 6th 2012 08:50

Never done RHD yet, cause i doesnt have a RHD 1303 on my side.
Is it only a mirrored version?

al_kaholik January 6th 2012 09:39

I'd be very skeptical about mirroring parts. I'm sure your prices are reasonable but there is a lot of hassle and cost if it doesn't fit

Steve C January 6th 2012 17:38


I think that they are mirrored, I have a friend with VW shop who does get the odd LHD car in so I should be able to compare them.


maniac January 7th 2012 05:27

if you could compare RHD<->LHD panel, this would be so fine....thanks

maniac February 24th 2012 14:01

Update, Full replacement for the original Dashpanel

maniac May 14th 2012 06:08

Hey Steve,
does you could compare RHD<->LHD panels?

Lbug1975 July 8th 2012 06:26

nice product Maniac, I can appreciate the work you have put into it. If you want I might be able to help do the check to see if they are mirrored for RHD. I bet they are mirrored though.

Perhaps if there are some critical dimensions that you want checked? My Australian (German built) RHD 1303 dash is dismantled partially at the moment. Are you working in CAD? If so, I can work with CAD, and check etc.


70Turbobug July 8th 2012 09:23

Markus, maybe you can make a deal with someone who has RHD dash panels? If someone was willing to send you a set in trade for a cfk set you would have a base for the british market.A complete cfk dash mold might spark some interest aswell?

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