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rioprelude December 2nd 2017 16:20

Site is Back up!
The site is back online after a software upgrade (12/2/17). Still some issues to work out, and will need to take it offline once more, to move it to it's own hosting account next week.



Wally December 5th 2017 08:42

Totally awesome!

Congrats and tnx!

rioprelude December 5th 2017 12:15

Thanks Wally. The move is complete, so the site is running on it's own account now, and is backed up.

I had to remove some of Zen's improvements, due to lack of time during the upgrade, but I like the direction he was going, and have some ideas I'll look into next year.

ricola December 5th 2017 13:19

Really appreciate your efforts to get it back up and running!

piledriver December 5th 2017 15:44

Cool, great to see it back up, just saw the email.

wrenchnride247 December 5th 2017 23:46

Good deal! Thank you so much!

Luismj December 6th 2017 21:37

Great News guys! Thanks all

graham December 27th 2017 01:54

Site is Back up!
Hey great stuff fellas ..Thanks to all those involved in getting the site back up and running :woohoo::woohoo::wavey::wavey:...I was getting a bit worried and thought it was game over.

Steve C December 31st 2017 17:57

Thanks for you efforts, this site is a repository of how to make a GL work, glad its not lost

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