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rioprelude April 1st 2019 22:43

Future of
Hey guys, what should we do with the site? I don't mind keeping it going, but it's not being used very much. It seems like we have a few options:

1. Do nothing, keep going
2. Move to a forum on (try to preserve our history if possible)
3. Shut down the site

Again, I'm totally fine keeping it going, just wanted to see what you guys think.

Kafer_Mike April 2nd 2019 12:26

Been coming here since 2002. Do so more and more infrequently the last few years as the activity has significantly dropped off. My vote would be to move it back to and try to preserve as much of the history as possible.

412STi April 2nd 2019 18:09


After a very long time a little life has moved in here now and I also write a few lines from time to time, it would be a pity if the page disappears.
Should it be the money, a solution would have to be found.

Wally April 4th 2019 10:51

I for one, still like it.
Once that Facebook hype is over and people realise they only get quality and reachable infos on these BB fora, people will return.
That's my opinion and I am stcking to it ;-)

DORIGTT April 5th 2019 00:39

Ive been researching a lot here and would hate to see it go.

Steve C April 7th 2019 07:02

keep it going please

Steve C April 12th 2019 04:21

This is about the only forum where you don't get fat chick and super hate

effvee April 13th 2019 15:37

Hello, what is being said now, as to keeping GL as is, I vote for that. If it comes to having to aid with helping with the cost, I'm still for keeping GL as is. Please don't change.

rioprelude April 13th 2019 16:10

Sounds good guys. Just wanted to check.

Steve C April 13th 2019 22:34

the trouble with face book is that all the info or questions asked just disappears

petevw April 14th 2019 13:08

I don't frequent as often anymore, but the Aircooled hype is still strong.

Seems like my local vw folk that were here years ago are now just yapping on our whattsapp group. Instant pics and replies, but we lose the global experience and feedback.


Wally April 16th 2019 13:05


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 91395)
the trouble with face book is that all the info or questions asked just disappears

I fully agree. Just hope people realize that before its too late..

Steve C April 22nd 2019 20:28

I put this post on the German Look Volkswagen page on Facebook

"Hi, the German Look forum is not getting as many visitors as it used to. It's a valuable resource and unlike Facebook questions and answers, they don't disappear after a few days, so go and have a look, do a search and you will often find great answers there."

A few people didn't know this forum existed

Jadewombat April 26th 2019 12:03

Please keep this site going. I love STF, but it's very quiet over there too. I still reference a lot of the older topics on here.

Facebook is, and always will be, for all intents and purposes a one-way communication device. Like buttons and all that crap.

People just aren't into cars anymore like they used to be. Or doing anything for that matter that involves more than swiping a finger on a touch screen. Sigh.

Wally April 26th 2019 18:45

Yeah, I saw that, good job!

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