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hugovw1976 March 5th 2018 10:12

Electrical system
Some progress on electrical system.

Main board for Front/Rear/Mid contoll box. (Mid controll box for power distribution).[/url][/url]


Some videos testing all functions:

jacob39 August 1st 2018 16:28

How is the build coming?

hugovw1976 August 1st 2018 20:54


Originally Posted by jacob39 (Post 91122)
How is the build coming?

Sorry, most work is on electronics ( programming, and building).
I start to work again in body but only on Sunday and think I need two or three more weekend's to install body on the chassis, a soon I have some new pictures I posted here.

Tomas November 8th 2018 14:04

Any updates soon? Pleeease

hugovw1976 November 8th 2018 17:22

Working on body, front interior part is already painted and permanently installed on chassis.
I upload some pics this weekend. Sorry for slowly update.

hugovw1976 November 11th 2018 16:13

Some pics of the last work.
Front part of Body is instaled (welded to roll cage) and the interior is painted and headliner instaled.

Also working in suicide hinges for doors, the main reason for this setup is:
First I want to quit the original hinges because at high speed can hear the wind making noise, so I want a flat surface in this area.
And second it's easier to get in and out of the car because the roll cage and side bars are very obstructive.

Flintstones November 12th 2018 08:13

Its all business on the inside! :)
I did the same with the hinges and drip rail on my Oval also.
Cleans the look of the beetle when looking down the side.

chug_A_bug November 12th 2018 17:19

WOW...looks great..

volkdent November 13th 2018 16:37

Looks so good! Do you post on Facebook or Instagram?


hugovw1976 November 13th 2018 23:37


Originally Posted by volkdent (Post 91243)
Looks so good! Do you post on Facebook or Instagram?


Sorry don't use Facebook anymore, and never have Instagram.

volkdent November 19th 2018 12:13

Instagram is a great place for visual stuff, I'm Volkdent on IG too! If you join let us know!


Tomas November 8th 2019 03:15

Any updates on this masterpiece?

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