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wrenchnride247 March 20th 2006 00:04

Questions about wrenchnride247s ride
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wrenchnride247 May 29th 2006 22:22

Got tranny!
I finally got my 915 tranny w/linkage and shifter w/ali base.

vwdevotee January 3rd 2008 17:16

How did you mount the '87 turbo front brakes to your spindles? Did you modify the 944T hubs to fit your B/J spindles? How? Did you modify the spindle to mount the caliper, or did you make a bracket for that?

Did you just lift the entire rear trailing arm/spring plate/parking & service brake assembly from a 944T? '87 trailing arms should be the 72mm wider ones, right?

wrenchnride247 January 3rd 2008 23:22

There are several ways to do this. I had Lanner, at vdubengineering do it. He is set-up to do it easier than I am. He modified the hubs to accept VW bearings. The CB dropped spindles had to be modified to accept Lanner's caliper brackets also. Have pix of everything on and off car. (they are posted on here just search)

The rear is alot easier as the torsion bars, spring plates, and trailing arms bolt up fairly easy.(getting the 944 pivot bushings out of the arm's is fun :rolleyes: ) To use the end caps on torsion bars you must cut the 944 caps down to the outer profile of a VW cap, that's the only hard part. Lanner has some spacers that alow the use of VW e-brake cable set-up. Yes the '87 and later are the widest arm's. Also, T and NA 944's '87 up use same arms, just different rotors and calipers.

vwdevotee January 4th 2008 02:16

Where are the photos posted?

wrenchnride247 January 4th 2008 12:18

Here's one thread (not all pix's though)

Click search and go to advanced section. Search by user name (wrenchnride247) and pic brakes, or suspension section... you will find some.;)

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