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Clatter July 1st 2015 02:13

Can the traverse be used as a jack point?
It looks like it's strong enough....

Anybody done this yet?
I need that jack point back there!

Even if it might mess up the new finish....;)

Steve C July 1st 2015 03:45

Strong enough I guess, you could bolt on a steel plate where the jack would touch it to preserve it

Clatter July 2nd 2015 01:34


Have you jacked your car up this way?
Seen anyone who has?


Steve C July 2nd 2015 03:36

No I haven't but I'm sure somebody has, I have solid piece metal that I use, you can see it near the Porsche mount that I use to jack the car with

Clatter July 6th 2015 11:16

An excellent way to do it - make an alternate jack point.

I have a heavy type 3, and if that traverse bent I would cry real tears..

Gerrelt July 7th 2015 04:53

I've made jacking points out of a hockey puck and an exhaust clamp:

I removed the standard jacking pionts, because they are worthless and prone to rust. So I had to have an alternative.

This method might be a bit more difficult if you beetle is equiped with a rear swaybar.

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