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chug_A_bug April 23rd 2011 22:24

found this... if you save it and voom in you can See the #'s


Gerrelt April 24th 2011 04:54

That's one of the pages that came with a Kamei spoiler.

I've got that page and the rest of the pages here: Kamei spoiler documents

Sadly, the quality is not much better.

If somebody got these pages in better quality, please e-mail them to me!

vdubzack April 25th 2011 17:17

Love it. Now to clean my screeen,as I did a spit take.

Bruce. June 20th 2011 10:37

Nice tidy looking spoiler. Not sure if it is a one-off or comercially made as I can't read Dutch :)

Gerrelt June 21st 2011 12:52

That's one I made :), here is a bigger picture of it:

And this is another one:

And this is the one on my own beetle:

I sold a couple in the Netherlands, and one in Belgium.
I am planning to ship them overseas too.

volkdent June 22nd 2011 13:47

Does it slip under the seal or is it held on with double stick tape or something? I really like how subtle that is, was the shape designed with a specific angle or was that just the angle that was decided on visually?


Gerrelt June 22nd 2011 14:33

There's a lip on it that slips under the seal. It's hold on pretty good with just that. But to be sure it won't fly off (and fly through the windshield of the car behind you..), you have to put a bit of sealant on the inside on the left and right. Just in de corner where the spoiler meets the window.

Here's a picture of two of them before installing:

The angle is aproxametly 12 degrees compared the rear windshield.
I was told that anything above 12 degrees becomes an obstruction instead of an airflow guidance.

al_kaholik June 25th 2011 16:34

When are we going to see some more of these for sale! ;)

chug_A_bug July 7th 2011 15:06

and when can you Ship over to Canada... ;)

evilC July 8th 2011 07:54

Us Brits first! Then we'll allow some to float over.


Gerrelt July 11th 2011 14:00

Sorry guys, the United Kingdom was the first on the list... :)

For everyone that's got an interest in aerodynamics, I strongly advise you to read this chapter of this book
The Automotive Chassis: System design, chapter AN OVERVIEW OF VEHICLE AERODYNAMICS
Skip over the formulas!

I've read it and it was an eye opener, it's really great.

SilverBullet July 14th 2011 07:58

Want to get A few for Singapore!:)

Gerrelt September 23rd 2011 12:44

Sorry guys, I'm still not producing them in bulk. I am creating them by hand, so no big production numbers.

I did do a wool tuft test, with and without the spoiler. See this article on my webpage: VW beetle wool tuft test

A "spoiler" picture... :lmao: :

owdlvr September 23rd 2011 13:34

Read the page, very interesting effects. The one thing I wish you had done, though, is some more tufts right near the vents at the bottom of the window. It would be very interesting to see how the spoiler effects the intake to the engine bay area.

Hmmm....ship some spoilers to Canada and we'll test for you? ;-)


al_kaholik September 23rd 2011 15:23

Good effort Gerrelt - working even at "low" speed. I'm impressed :)

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