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Bogara_ZO December 26th 2015 15:35

OFF Speedster / HotRod
Friend's Speedster is for sale now. Not a GL and some of you might not like it at all but maybe there are some HotRod guys around you. Build quality is outstanding and the car is in perfect shape. Based on a 1971 VW Beetle chassis and shares a lot of parts with the original car - not just engine and suspension but all the locks, hinges, lamps and interior bits. - so it is very cheap and easy to maintain. It was finished in 2006 after a 2-year-long nut and bolt restoration. The build quality is top notch, it still looks like new. Countless working hours was put into the bodywork to find the correct shape. The GRP fiberglass fenders are widened 15 cm in the rear and 5 cm in front to accept the 8x15 and 5x15 wire wheels while under the Ford-style hood you will find the boot and the spare wheel just like in a regular bug. Interior is classic and untouched except the Recaro seats and extra gauges. With the reinforced suspension and 1915ccm aircooled engine it drive superb while surprisingly quiet even without the (GRP) roof. The strong heating capacity, serious sound isolation and cleverly designed exhaust (quiet) makes it a nice cruiser for longer trips. This 2+2 seater Hot Rod is one of a kind. Original AB engine (bored to 1600ccm) is included if needed.


freshly built 1915 ccm (CT case with external oil cooler), 2x 36 Dellorto DLRA (revised), Engle W110 cam, SCAT lightened lifters, Scat valve springs, 1.25:1 rockers, ported heads with standard valves (35/32), custom exhaust, external oil cooler. Reliable 100 HP with decent fuel economy.

Fully rebuilt with stock disc brake in front, lowered beam with matching shocks (chromed), front and rear braces, 5x15/8x15 wire wheels

Reclining Recaro seats, extra gauges (rev.couner, oil pressure & temperature, shift light – set @5000 rpm), stereo, sound isolation.

Custom made GRP fiberglass panels and roof, widened fenders, custom made T-bar bumpers

For more information visit:

21.000 EUR OBO

PM me if interested, thanks.

Bogara_ZO December 26th 2015 15:38


Kafer_Mike December 28th 2015 21:42

Not usually a fan of this style of conversion, but like the line and overall look of this one. ;)

Bogara_ZO December 30th 2015 14:04


Originally Posted by Kafer_Mike (Post 90019)
Not usually a fan of this style of conversion, but like the line and overall look of this one. ;)

Same to me! I saw it on pictures first and was unsure what to think, but in live that shape just works. Than I test drove it and since then I like this car very much. Maybe the smoothest "bug" I have ever driven.

Bogara_ZO October 8th 2018 12:19

Still FS, friend is open for offers

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