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effvee October 2nd 2018 17:21

Remmele Billet Type IV Case
Hello everyone, has anyone gotten more info on Remmele's type IV case. Has anyone seen it together and running?

412STi October 2nd 2018 18:46

Hello effvee

Next Saturday, I'll be making a visit to Remmele with clubmates. Not for me, I can not afford it, but my friends want to discuss parts and order for a Type 1 quarter mile racer.

If I get the permission, I take pictures and ask about his projects.

Remmele now also manufactures Type1 housings and cylinder heads from scratch.

But I can not promise anything.

effvee October 2nd 2018 23:38

Hello, one thing that I am very interested in is, are there any in service. Also warranty

412STi October 10th 2018 09:12


I can not say much.
Only this: Remmele is straight in a big upheaval.
The portfolio will change very much.
There will be a new website.

All this probably earliest in the first quarter of 2019.
But that's exactly what I do not know.

@ effvee
Unfortunately, I can not comment on service and warranty.
I have already seen the Type4 case.
Oh man what a horny part.
It should cost 5000 .

Cylinderheads are also manufactured for Type4, Type1, P356.
All billet style.
Have seen videos about their production.
Come later also on the website.

So much so far.

If my buddies pick up the parts in a few weeks, maybe I can go back.
Maybe then I can bring something else in experience.

412STi September 16th 2019 19:29

Hello effvee

Please excuse that I have not answered your mail yet.
I have no direct answers for you.
But I know that they work a lot there.
The machine park (5 axes CNC, for example) wants to be paid.
Unfortunately could not ride with my buddies to get the parts, otherwise I would have asked again for you.
Could try to get him on the phone.

But it would also be a tip to you.
Just call there.
I know it's really hard to get him or anyone else on the phone.
You just have to try it over and over again. (also from USA / CA)

effvee September 16th 2019 22:26


Thanks for replying. Only time will tell.

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