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Wally January 15th 2013 12:41

Good on you mate!

The stealth factor is certainly a good thing to have and fits german style perfectly.
Apart from the looks, on the functionality side, I am also thinking how to overcome a 10 kg rear and high-mounted part as that doesn't improve handling much, on the contrary.
I have some ideas, but alas, there are always the downsides too.

Very pleased you're getting back in and especially the part about test driving 911's and then choosing the bug for performance reasons is golden :D :lmao:


owdlvr January 15th 2013 14:39

This requires more photos and an updated project thread ;)

Good to hear you're back!


Steve C January 15th 2013 22:02


Glad to hear your staying with your project. You only ever loose money on them if you sell them.


NO_H2O January 16th 2013 08:16

Good to see you back. Looking forward to the updates.

Sandeep January 16th 2013 09:51

Thanks All.

Lots of updates to post, just need to sort out all of the pictures and upload.

I need to choose some tires and purchase in the next month as current Pirellis P Zero's are about 9 yrs old :o .. will post in another thread though.

Wally, I need the stealth look. I don't want any 911 owners knowing what's under the decklid at the circuit. :D I need to figure out how to get your intercooler's location / efficency combination under the decklid.

I have a few ideas borrowed from others on the forum (Ricola, Jak Rizzo) with small round ducts in the rear fenders under the quarter glass directed to the IC area, but not too sure how effective this would be.

One of the benefits about being out of the game for some time now is everyone has done their homework with their ideas, and I just need to be careful how I poach the ideas :o


flat January 16th 2013 20:39

Glad you're back in full steam! Looking forward to seeing her in action. Let me know when you're ready for the body/pan marriage and I'll gather the troops :)


Sandeep January 17th 2013 21:46


Originally Posted by flat (Post 85348)
Glad you're back in full steam! Looking forward to seeing her in action. Let me know when you're ready for the body/pan marriage and I'll gather the troops :)


Sounds great ! Hoping for March, I'll holla when I'm ready


cookvw January 17th 2013 22:41

glad to hear your back in the game. X2 on pics/progress.

im with ya on keeping the intercooler inside the engine bay. look at the intercooler set up that has setup. def. has me thinking. i might just follow what he is doing. i run a WBX motor so i have a lot more room in my engine bay since i dont have to seal with the fan shroud stuff. well best of luck to ya on your build! keep us updated.

70Turbobug January 21st 2013 05:14

Good to see you back Sandeep! Im really looking forward to the updates! You mentioned completion until the Berlin Klassik? Do you mean Berlin, Germany?

volkdent January 28th 2013 04:28

Awesome to have you back, I was really surprised when you said you were out, didn't seem right, guess my gut was right! Looking forward to seeing your progress.


chug_A_bug February 22nd 2013 02:30

great to See that your Back in the game Sandeep..
Here if yeah need any Help with that body/pan marriage


petevw February 27th 2013 07:21

So I saw a pic of you at the GTG this past weekend at Scott's shop, couldn't believe my eyes!

Rubbed them a couple times, and you were still there. Wow.

Good to see you back!

Sandeep February 28th 2013 10:28

Thanks Pete.

The motivation is great and its just what I need to keep this project going. the more i get done, the more motivation I have to see it through to completion.


SuperRSi March 9th 2013 16:57

Glad you are back in. As I have been building both a Manx and my 79 convert for 10 years I know the frustration. On the Manx I commissioned an exhaust/intercooler/intake build and it has been almost 14 months so far. Nothing fun is easy, except for Blondes...

petevw March 15th 2013 01:06


Originally Posted by SuperRSi (Post 85726)
Nothing fun is easy, except for Blondes...


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