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SuperRSi June 22nd 2013 16:06

79 Convert Kaefer
Well while waiting for parts for my Meyers Manx STi Pikes Peak car, I lost my storage building and had to pull out my 79 that had been resting for almost 10 years. So out came all the parts I have been collecting and I am getting her ready for new paint. Ordered Kerscher Kaefer cup flared fenders that arrive on United Airlines tonight and will be building a new rear apron. What a delight Kerscher is, one email, one Paypal and one week later fenders. It has KW-V2 coil-overs with MBT uniballs. Porsche GT3 seats, wheels, e-brake handle etc. My Mini-GT3...

SportyBug June 22nd 2013 18:47

Looks great and in far too few pieces for having been in storage.

Any chance you are in NM? Everything about that second picture looks familiar

SuperRSi June 22nd 2013 19:43

Yes in Santa Fe
And there are boxes and boxes of pieces in the shop upstairs.

Humble June 22nd 2013 19:57

I want to see more of this car as it comes together. I wanted to do a GL vert but I couldn't pass up a good deal when I saw one.

SuperRSi June 22nd 2013 20:19

I have a built Beetle 4 speed that will have a 2.3L Type IV attached about 180hp. The motor is being freshened at the moment. This will be a DD and street play car, maybe a little autocross. I will use Cayman S red brake calipers now that the Pikes car is getting yellow calipers. A leather/alcantera covered 911 style dash is now in the works using VDO 911 gauges and 904 combo gauge rebuilt about 10 years ago by North Hollywood Speedo. Audi TT A/C vents with full A/C. Webasto gasoline heater for winter. CAE shifter in aluminum.

In talks with Remmele now about providing the front bumper spoiler, CF hood and CF central air filter. Hoping that works.

volkdent June 23rd 2013 04:06

Any plans to stiffen the chassis?


ricola June 23rd 2013 05:43

Definitely sounds/looks like a great start!

SuperRSi June 23rd 2013 17:50

I plan to add DOM to the rear shock towers and torsion bar a la Remmele, and do the roll bar similar to the Canepa Twin Turbo Speedster that I think might be the best looking street convert 911 ever!

Humble June 24th 2013 00:44

Canepa is local to me and those guys have all the fun. They open up their shop and parking lot once a month for cars & coffee. What I would give just to build a car in their shop, and some of their current projects have me drooling with envy. McLaren M8D, Shadow V8, and just about every kind of racing porsche you can find. He recently got the Tyrell P34 #4, and it's in race ready condition. Its also a lot smaller that I thought it would be, quite literally a 6-wheeled coffin. I can put up some pics if folks are interested.

cookvw June 28th 2013 15:16

@ super going to drive down to santa fe, nm as soon as i get my car dialed in. i wanna see your projects in the fleash. and im so close as well. look fwd to seeing this awesome car you got going here. keep it up man.

volkdent June 28th 2013 15:46

That's going to look really subtle and the safety of the roll cage and side bars will be great. If it is all tied together it should significantly improve stiffness as well.


70Turbobug July 1st 2013 00:50

Hey Randy, coming along nicely! If you're wanting to stiffen up the chassis,the best way is to support the shock towers.This keeps the rearfrom twisting and the shock towers are a weak spot.Take a look at my FB page,I posted pics of the conversion.You will have to cut the body a little,but that can be sealed up easy.

cookvw July 1st 2013 00:55

@70turbobug im interested in this. whats your fb page?

SuperRSi July 1st 2013 20:41

Hey Mark, I am tying in the roll bar back X to the towers and adding the lower bars in the rear like a 5 bar.

70Turbobug July 2nd 2013 00:37

That will work well also. I wasn't sure if you wanted a roll bar since it is convertable.

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