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Superman November 14th 2008 18:49

How To Buy Kerscher Struts
Product information:

Price and shipping info:
They are 565.00 Euros at today's exchange rate that is US$707.65 plus about $100 to $150 for shipping and will arrive in about 3 weeks.

Contact info:
Phone: +49-8727-96880
Fax: +49-8727-968829

Special Instructions:
They will only accept credit card purchases.
You can call or fax your credit card number.
They will fax you a receipt in return.
They do speak English.

scardeep August 19th 2010 14:23

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Service is TOP 10! I just got mine.

vdubzack August 24th 2010 23:50


Originally Posted by scardeep (Post 77398)
service is top 10! I just got mine.


CarreraLook October 21st 2019 06:52

This is a very old thread, but I'm about to order some Kersher struts so the question's still relevant: I have a '74 1303S with standard disc brakes and the later-style, 2-bolt strut suspension. I've been told I can fit the earlier 3-bolt Kersher struts to this (but you can't fit 2-bolt struts to 3-bolt car), but is there any advantage to the earlier style to my car?

Will I gain in ability to go any lower, or will the track be any narrower with the earlier struts?

Tzepesh October 24th 2019 07:14

I don't see any benefit to buy the earlier 3 bolt struts. You will also need the control arms, the stabilizer bar and the spindles. Why would you go backward when the latest development was the two bolt design that you already have? Just buy the struts for your spindles. I have installed Kerscher struts for 944T spindles in spring. They are AWESOME compared to my old Topline kit.

CarreraLook October 25th 2019 13:04

Thanks Tzepesh... that's what I'm inclined to think as well.

But I'm just wondering why anyone does it or recommends it - presumably there's some benefit?

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