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Sandeep July 23rd 2012 21:26

German Look Project - Parts for Sale
Deleted Content

Bad bug July 25th 2012 06:30

Sandeep how much do you want for the crank.

Sandeep July 25th 2012 12:49

New items added, pricelist is almost confirmed, will be up shortly

Thanks for looking.


Bad bug July 25th 2012 18:53

could you repost your email address again would like photo of crank. My email address is

Sandeep July 25th 2012 21:09

Original post edited with pricing.


Sandeep July 25th 2012 22:19

Updated with sold items


Chisel86 January 10th 2013 17:14

Still have the rear 944 set-up? What all is included? Rotors? Calipers? Arms? Or just the ebrake parts?

Sandeep January 15th 2013 10:54

Items are no longer for sale due to a cold market and new direction with the project.


Chisel86 January 15th 2013 16:16

Thanks for the reply.

sved January 21st 2013 16:30

Happy to here
Glad you are not selling! What is the new direction going to be?
Not enough tubro type 4 here in Canada.

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