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NO_H2O September 29th 2009 16:36

DTM Bug-Tech Shifter
We are now the US dealer for Bug-Tech Shifters. A shifter like none you have ever seen. It is CNC machined and assembled in Germany. It has a 62% reduction in throw, spring pressure reverse lock out and a pure race look. I was sent one shifter to test and I am very impressed. It has a nice 2 axis operation, the ball is depth adjustable to engage the shift rod cup perfectly and no cable or rod to break and leave you without reverse. It is the tightest shift pattern I have ever seen with a smooth quick feel.
It is available for standard VW gearbox, Porsche 901 gearbox, and Type 2 Bus. Finishes are available in standard machined finish and polished.
We are going to run a group buy for a special DTM Engineering Edition. They will be Black anodized finish with the DTM Engineering logo and there own serial number run. The DTM Edition would be $446 at our current Euro-UDS exchange. I will run this group buy at 10% off any Bug-tech shifter plush shipping. The final price will be based on the Euro-USD exchange on the day the order is made. (don't blame me for the value of our dollar, blame the White House) Contact me if you are interested,
More information and pricing in Euro are available at The gallery has pix of all the shifters available.

NO_H2O October 5th 2009 13:33

NO_H2O October 20th 2009 11:54

New Pix
Here are some more pix of the shifter mounted in another car. One shows the tight shift pattern you could have with it.

NO_H2O November 22nd 2009 09:56

I am going to try and wrap up the group but before the Christmas holidays. If you are interested please email me at for details. A 50% deposit will be required to order and the balance due before delivery.

NO_H2O April 7th 2010 21:45

I have another shipment of type 1 shifters in stock. I ordered a few extra to have in stock. Order now and save as shipping from Germany has been been taken care of.
A standard finish type 1 shifter from this group is $416 USD plus shipping to you.

NO_H2O March 14th 2011 15:15

I am getting another Bug-Tech shifter order together for the end of March or early April. Shoot my a PM if you would like to get in on this order.

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