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2000 factory Boxster wheels, trade or sale?

I have a set of take off factory Porsche 986 wheels 17x7 and 17x8.5 and center caps. They are in about 95% condition with only a few spots where the factory gloss finish needs touching. They are really nice. Factory S02 205/50 and 255/40 tires included and they about 75% of original tread.

I am entertaining selling the wheels which I've owned since February 2000. I need to replace them with another factory Porsche wheel for my beetle so I am thinking of trades. Let me know what you have. I'm looking to Fuchs, early or late, 15" or 16", and gas burners. I really want a set of gasburners!

I'm thinking of going from the 17"s to smaller wheels for weight savings and to keep the ride nice and smooth (not as lowered).

I have more than $1150 in the wheels, tires, and caps already. I would probably sell them for $1000 but let me know of any trades.
Steve Arndt
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