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Porsche 944 turbo suspension and brake upgrade (late offset)

Hello everyone,

I am posting this set of questions as I have searched the forums and the web and cannot at least find anything I can wrap my head around for this my 1988 porsche 944 Turbo suspension and brake upgrade to my Sterling Kit car on a 1969 VW IRS chassis. In order to do this modification Ill need to order wheels for the car to sit on, so I need I guess clearer info on what changes will occur so I can order wheels to have ready when I install these parts.

I already have the rear trailing arms, torsion bars, and spring plates.
I am in the works on purchasing a set of 88 front turbo spindles/hubs to send off to Lanner.
I just dropped 2K on a the subarugears flipped diff kit, so Im back at zero for the moment.

My sterling, on the stock drums (measuring from the drum face to the fender edge) are 7" inset from the fender lip on both front and back.

I measured my 944T trailing arms and came up with 8" max backspacing.

But what I dont know is where this front and rear mounting hub will sit in relation to the stock VW stuff. Knowing a range of offset values isnt helping me to decipher what wheels I can order.

The stock backspacing for a bug is about 4 to 5 inches of backspacing Im told. So then what is the new backspacing for the high offset 88 fronts?

I found that I can only run 18" wheels max on my car. But I am looking for very wide rear wheels, and 8 to 9.5" fronts. So any help anyone could toss my way would be great. Maybe Im just having a stupid moment I dont know. But nothing Ive found thus far has helped me get the input I need to order wheels.
Ive read through Lanners site, but I just can seem to make sense of it. And the ranges of offsets dont help.

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