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Originally Posted by volkdent View Post
I like the engine noise, but I don't like wind noise, so one thing I did that made a major difference is I put a strip of self-adhesive weather strip up the leading edge of the door sill and the door, so that when closed it made a secondary seal. It made a huge difference and made a high speed drive quite a bit more pleasant.

Thanks for this tip, Jason. A few weeks back we went on a weekend holliday with the beetle, we (wife + 2 kids) visited Sauerland, Germany.
Before we left, I did this:

It looks like crap, but that really helped! At 130 km/h (80mph) I could still have a conversation with my wife without having to shout!
The white strip looks terrible, so I am still looking for black versions of these foam strips. Then I want to put one all the way from the top of the door to the bottem of the door. That will not look bad at all, I think.

A sample of the noise at 150 km/h: Youtube video
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