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I 'v got the first time now the billet head to my own hands from my friend.

2mm thick and with 3mm gap the cooling fins look very good.

Ports have good size short side radius and very little porting to be done. At end of this year, heads will go the hearporter to get finished and for flowbench testing.

Tested Pauter 1.4 rockers and they fit very well, roller end of the rocker is at center of the valvestem.

Got one valvecover from my friend who made them with 3 Axis CNC machine, they fit very tight and bails work like on stock valvecovers.

Overall quality of the heads is nice, but i was hoping a bit improvement at machining quality if order my own heads from Elmer Racing later at this year, as they have better tools and experience. Material would be 6082 T651

Only problem though, i need to buy 3 pairs at same time, to get price around to 2300€ per pair. Anyone interested?

I am sure that eventually price will drop more.

Valvecovers would be 300€/pair, either for stock bails or bolt on with M18x1.5 vent hose thread at ends.

Heads can be either 94mm bore or 101.6mm bore, ports for 48x38, 50x40 or 54x40 valves or specific setup. 54x40 choice needs exhaust valves moved outwards about 1,5-2mm.

Chamber on the 101.6mm head is about 55-58cc

Chamber on the 94mm head is about 50-53cc

Larger turbo specific chamber can be also designed invidually.

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