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So much good input already! Let me just throw in a little bit. Granted these are all opinions and I think our Euro scene is so "fresh" it is kind of hard to put definitions around it yet.

First off I think there is a definite distinction between Cal, Euro, German, Rice, and Cup looks. Let me breakdown my view for each one.

German Look: First off CLEAN, like Andy said. I venture to say minimum chrome, mono tone paint (preferably a Glasurit Porsche color, some colors period specific to go with the components you are running), Porsche brakes, Porsche wheels, Porsche Tach (preferably center mount as in a 911/4), any other Porsche guages you can fit in as well that look classy. The interior gets dicey, but Porsche/Recaro seats would be a plus. T1 or T4 engine with 911 shroud, of course. No fiberglass or carbon fiber (as in a real Porsche would be)

EuroLook: Big discs, Euro wheels (non-porsche), carbon fiber, Beetle rear lights (seems common part these days), non-stock seats, no chrome. Pearl paint jobs like on the Audis or other high tech paints. Big T4 motor. Bascially any non-Porsche parts you can grab off other Euro cars and make it look good. Carbon fiber and fiberglass welcome.

Cup Look: All I can say here is all out racer trim. Gutted interior and only what is needed to monitor the engine (speedo optional). Mostly these seem to use heavy duty Porsche stuff, but it is optional if other solutions exist. Of course zero chrome and probably Lexan windows and fiberglass/carbon everything possible.

Ricer Look: Yah there are some bling bling VWs out there. Hard to define, but go to the shows and it shows up.

Cal Look: Everyone knows this look. Worse performance in a turn than stock, pitiful. I like the look in some ways but it is 30 year old technology which is piss poor given the options available today.

Most people end up EuroLook in my opinion (heck that is what I will end up with as well) even though they might want GermanLook.

Heck look at our scene right now! There are very few GL or EL cars out there at all. Some are show ponies anyway which blows I think Jak is the best example we have right now (that I know of -so no offense to anyone) of what our goal is with our cars. Daily driver that tears up the track on the weekends.

I like Joe Cali's words the best "NextGen". The nect generation of what the Beetle should have been to compete in a modern market against the European cars. Big brakes, T4 engine, good seats, good sound system, reliable, fast driver.

I find it striking that one person does not see the pre-68 cars as a true GL. And I have to agree to an extint that they are not the easiest to pull off the look nor the most adaptable. To be honest I doubt it is possible (or look good) to make a true GL early Beetle. Why? The early bumpers need to stay chrome which kills the GL thing, also the door windows. Granted earlys do make a nice EL

Sorry if my views are little more ridgid than most, but that is the way I see it.
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