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Originally Posted by volkdent
Hugo, you can put a 12" up front in the passenger foot well. A small box is built just big enough for the woofer to sit in that seals against the top of the footwell. Then, a hole is cut above and is sealed to the box air volume box residing in the hood area. Helps with weight balance as well. A fiberglass box would work better because it would weigh less and keep the center of gravity lower, but I wanted to make sure it worked well first.

Thanks for the pics, it is and will be a beautiful AND mean car!

I forgot to ask you, how much wider are your fenders than stock? And are those Porsche pattern BBS wheels? What are the offsets and what car where they intended for?


Looks grate thanks for the pics.

the fenders are 2.5" wider (front) and 3" wider (rear) from Creative Car Craft like yours. actually they say me that the fender are the first they sell for mexico.

the bolt pattern are 5 x 120 (BMW)

originally are for BMW M3 (E46)
front 19 x 8.5 +35mm offset,
rear 19 x 10 +20mm offset.
VW 1976

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