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thanks ragtop81

here are some more pics!

ive done a little more, test fitted the doors, front wings and bonnet!

it all lines up pretty well although i do have an issue with the bonnet sitting slightly proud in the middle which is a little odd as its a NOS genuine item. im going to fit another bonnet this week to see if its the bonnet of scuttle but im sure i can tweak it a bit to get it to fit.

welded up the radio hole and the old drain area by the fuel tank

then i took off all the wings again and unbolted the chassis so i could get the shell on tressels to spot weld on the bottom plates

i also finished off the welding on the fornt bulkead, and the 1/4 strengtheners that attach at the back of the front clip

I also took a couple more pics of where i boxed in the boot floor for the 915 gearbox - underneath

a couple of hte chassis almost finished - i just need to change some brackets for the brake lines and re route the throttle cable tube

i also won these 996 rear calipers on ebay for half the price i was willing to pay

i was a bit miffed when i received them though as they were suitable for 986 discs instead of 996 discs (4mm thicker) so i pushed the pins back to where they should be which was more effort than i thought it would be.


ive pished each pin out by about 3mm

theyl be refurbed and mated to my 944 T a arms and 996 rear discs with an ally adapter

and now the bugs back on its pan again

ive got about half a day of tieing up lose odds and ends then its ready for prep and paint! whoop!!!
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