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Thanks for the comments guys!
well ive not updated this for a while because ive mainly been rubbing for 2 months lol! Ive been prepping the car with my mate craig who's going to paint it for me. so far i rekon we've put in around 200 hours which may sounds like a lot but we;ve gone to pretty good detail inside and out. All the leading and filler work has been done and the car is now im primer (no pics yet), which now just needs wet flatting and the booth is booked for the 13th Nov, 2days before my birthday anyways here are a few pics!

i also finally finished my chassis which is going for blasting and powdercoating next week. i had to set where the shift rod attaches to the gearbox so i could get all gears smoothly and drill the dimple which wasnt easy! that metal is real tough! i also had to change a couple of brackets for the brake lines

ive also been buying all the little bits i need to build the car up including all rubber items! these are my favorite things, new genuine bonnet handle, rear catch and hella light rims.

ive been trying to get new genuine door handles but dont seem to be suceeding. i think il get my old items rechromed but they do have some light pitting.

Ordered up my fuel lines and clutch lines

so yeah its all starting to come together. the last two months have drained my will to live, and my bank account lol - i just hope its worth it!
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