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KW inox coilover set. Home made camber plate. 944 NA spindle (with hole for speedo cable) with custom bearing spacers. 944 S2 hubs without ABS. 944 turbo '87> brake rotors. 2006 Boxter S calipers on home made axial > radial adapters. 993 Cup-2 7Jx17 ET-55 Goodyear Eagle F1 195-45-17 under stock fender.

I don't know how low it is compared to stock. Its as low as possible without scraping the Kamei on speedbumps. I can put one finger between the tires and the fender. I like the look when the edge of the fenders follows the tire with the gap the same front to back. I even raised the back again when I put a heavy subwoofer behind the backseat.
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