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I do think maybe the turbo isnít the best for my motor. Iíll drive it for a year or so and then maybe consider changing the turbo for something a little more modern. Iím running a Garrett t3/4 hybrid at the moment.

So at the moment it made max 264.9 at 16.5 psi, another couple of psi would be around the 300 mark I guess.

After the woes Iíve had with it over the last year I didnít want Greg (the chap mapping it) to push too far as I donít want to kill it again. I put 100 miles on it today mostly back at 11 psi and had loads of fun! Hat the boost controller on a few times and it was great.

In your experience Wally what sort of boost can you run to with stock head studs?
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