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Originally Posted by DORIGTT View Post
How would you rate the quality of the hub? Will it endure your track usage and such?

It uses the standard VW spindle which means no special machining and such correct?

I'd like to get a set for my '70 Ghia, but I've got 944T brake calipers.
Its extremely good quality! Very good alu, machined very nicely! I am sure it will stand anything you throw at it. I won't track the notch in the future though, but I am sure it would be fine with these hubs.

Yep, fits standard VW type 1 wheel bearings.

However, its meant for stock 944 front disk and everything else will be custom. This is of course trivial info, but just realise this.
Only thing that didn't work for me with these hubs is the hole for the Porsche studs: its too small for my taste; its like 14,2 mm, while the studs have ribbed splines with 14,7 or 14,8mm outer size. They fit too tight then, so I drilled the holes to 14,5mm and now the interference fit is much better and they press in easier, still quit some force is needed, but as the material they used is superstrong, the interference fit can (needs) to be a little less extreme (which it was originally).

Other then that, you also need a special seal on the inside (not in the kit) as the VW part doesn't fit and you will also need the stock 944 hubcaps and your left one with the speedo opening.

So, very high quality, but its no buy and run it same day thing. It never is though when using Porsche brakes is my experience ;-)
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