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So starting around March 2020 started working on the pans. The pans had already been replaced but just like any car project the minute you start digging into the car you start finding rust and half assed work performed by owners from years past.

Upon separation of the pans from the body, with the help of my brother. I noticed the "napoleon hat" was pretty rotted out and needed replacing. We replaced the metal that needed replacement , stripped, prepped, seam sealed (Not the prettiest for sure, LOL) and painted the pans. The underside was also undercoated.

Once the pans were finished with their new coatings we attached the stock IRS rear arms and an EMPI disc brake kit (plans to change in the future to some 944 hardware) to the rear to check fitment of the Porsche 17x9.5 Twist Wheels(wearing 235/40-17 Yokohoma Advan Flevia Tires) to the pan.

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