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Originally Posted by Clatter View Post
Right on!
A PBR 16 is always helpful during builds like this.

Thanks for posting up.

How do you plan on getting enough cooling air into the motor compartment?
An ice cold PBR tallboy always helps with everything,

Thanks for checking out my post!

I'm not too worried about the motor compartment temps. Should be perfectly adequate. The other deck lid I was gonna run was a 68' solid lid, but chose to create more work for myself by modifying the 72 deck lid, lol. (I never have enough to do, all sarcasm implied) So if anything the two remaining vents on the rear lid should be fine.

The engine cooling comes mostly from using all and proper tins on the motor, so it really should be fine. The carbs getting cool air would be my only concern but that is minimal concern, the rear upper vent on the rear of the body should be enough to get fresh air and evacuate the hot air. If not, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I'm running a 1600 based 1995cc dual port, ran beautifully with good temps in an older double cab and those did not have much better ventilation, living in Floriduh it definitely can get warm here. LOL
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