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Hey, the Stig has arrived
yeah, I agree, you'd have to be pretty motivated to work in a half-open shed and get there after work and keep going till late at night, then peddle back home...

Anyways, the reason its called 'Mythbuster' is because all the myths about parts that would not work have been busted so many times, I lost count.
Then of course the familiar 'type 4's can't dragrace'; the '915 transmission are not suited for fast shifting', let alone be used in dragracing; the 1303's (supers) cannot dragrace and 'you cannot turbo a type 4' myths..
All busted.
The next one is of a well respected GL builder and type 4 specialist in germany that said you can't run high compression ratios with the Oettinger alu cylinder. Busted. Putting a turbo on them would be witchcraft, but is exactly what I am doing. Worse: its a 103 bore with stock, non-welded heads.
Some say...they will leak n/a, let alone with boost, if the cylinder wall doesn't collapse first.
Those two are going to be busted pretty soon too I hope

Speaking of which:
The turbo engine is almost ready. It already ran, but I didn't seal one of the plugs behind the flywheel, so I have some work ahead of me.

I hope I can post a clip of it running leak-free soon!
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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