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944 Axle Length - Early Auto Short


I am in the process of narrowing the rear of my car (IRS) 1"

It will (obviously) need shorter axles.

Type 3 Square/Fast/Notch left-hand (short side) auto axles are shorter by about an inch.
Makes them a good option for narrowed rear ends..

Because I am running Bus/Thing/944 CVs,
Type 3 left axles won't work, due to the splines being different.

Has anyone out there used the early/steel-arm 944 auto short axles for this?
I noticed last time I was in the yard, that auto 944s have two different length axles..

For reference:
Type 3 auto short left side axle -- 15 5/16"
944 manual axles -- 26 1/4"
Bus auto short left side axle -- 18"
Bus auto long right side axle -- 19 7/8"
Late (1986) narrow aluminum arm auto short left side axle -- 20 1/8"

These numbers are just rough - made with a tape measure.
Obviously, I have every axle except what I need..

Anybody out there that can measure their early steel-arm 944 auto short left side axle for me?
Or know where to find details?

Please and thanks!
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