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Not a lot more progress- but something is better than nothing!

Had a trip to my local friendly second hand parts suppliers who supplied me with 2 battered seats ive stripped just for the subframes. these will be mounted to my 996 seats over christmas as the seats are at my parents!

I also obtained a great condition speedo. I wanted to return the clock to zero, as the car will be basically brand new - thanksto julian for the tips

Speedo in many peices

this is the drive that needed to be disconnected so i could wind it

looks brand new again!

couple pics of my dash im UBER pleased with. Its proper mint! the only thing i had to do was repaint the speedo bezel bit. Fitted two rocker switches for heater front and rear screens too - tried to make it look as factory as pos.

Then tonight, thanks to julians little box of levers, i rebuilt my door locks to match my VW key for the rear lid catch

just gota do my ignition barrel now, which, after some research, is a feckin ball ache to remove from the housing as i have to drill a hole to get to the retaining clip - vw thought it best to omit this hole for some reason?!

AND MY CHASSIS IS FINALLY GETIN COATED!!! WHOOOOOOP!!! popped by perfect coating this evening - it should be black by tomorrow!

it does have some holes though ... when this comes back to me il repair it and touch it in.

hopefully il make some good mprogress before the new year!
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