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I did say I'd be pretty busy with work, right? Geesh. I'll admit, I've been avoiding the project for a while, as putting panels back into the car is basically a make or break it item on the shell of the car. I've done a bunch of work to the '58, and started prepping for an engine build for it this winter. I have started ordering a bunch of parts for the German Look, figuring if I can't get stoked on doing the body work, I'll start on some of the mechanicals...but, none of the parts have arrived so....

I'm going to have to make some new patches, as the donor car was rotten in the same area...but I figure I might as well make patterns that are as close as possible.

I'm probably going to have to make this one out of fresh steel. I cut it too small, and the surface rust was more than surface. Of course, it's all curves...great.

Oh hey! I got one right! :P

Well...#%&@. We're out of gas.

Won't be able to get back to it until after Christmas.

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