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Super Disc Brake Parts

These parts were bought as a Super Beetle front disc brake conversion kit from Topline. I will attach the links to my Samba ads because I can't post pictures here.

Rotors, zinc plated, drilled and slotted, and drilled for 4X130 and 5X130.There is some minor rust pitting, mostly on the passenger side rotor, which I have shown in the pictures. Inner and outer bearing races are installed, though I only have the outer bearings. $100

Front 2-piston calipers for Beetle, Superbeetle, Ghia, etc... These weren't used for long but have sat for a while and have gathered some rust on the metal parts of the pads, plates, and exposed parts of the pistons (see pictures). I have taken them apart and cleaned them to make sure all parts can move as they should and are in serviceable condition. The calipers were painted red but some paint was stripped by brake fluid during the installation process, so they will need to be re-painted. $100

Caliper Brackets from Topline, machined from billet aluminum to use the standard drum brake spindle bolts. $40
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