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Thanks All.

Lots of updates to post, just need to sort out all of the pictures and upload.

I need to choose some tires and purchase in the next month as current Pirellis P Zero's are about 9 yrs old .. will post in another thread though.

Wally, I need the stealth look. I don't want any 911 owners knowing what's under the decklid at the circuit. I need to figure out how to get your intercooler's location / efficency combination under the decklid.

I have a few ideas borrowed from others on the forum (Ricola, Jak Rizzo) with small round ducts in the rear fenders under the quarter glass directed to the IC area, but not too sure how effective this would be.

One of the benefits about being out of the game for some time now is everyone has done their homework with their ideas, and I just need to be careful how I poach the ideas

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