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Talking Winter 2003 projects !

Well here I go .. transforming the car into a true GL over this winter.

The insurance comes off the car in a couple of weeks and into storage it goes.

The plan is:

1. 2" wide BP front fenders, 66 and earlier style .. ordered
2. 2" wide BP rear fenders, 66 and earlier style .. ordered
3. Bosch H4's with 911 lenses .. picked up from Alex (Thanks)
4. 62-67 taillight assemblies .. ordered
5. 'Europa' front bumper with indicator lights, painted yellow .. got
6. '73 style front bumper to use on the rear .. picked up from Rob (Thanks)
7. 930/944 rear brake setup .. sitting in basement
8. Dropped spindle/993 TT front brake setup .. sitting in basement
9. 18x10's with 265/35 .. sitting in basement
10. 18x8.5's with 235/35 .. sitting in basement
11. Kafer Cup brace .. sitting in basement

This weekend I started installing the cup brace. On a '74, you have to cut notches in the body by the rear shock tower to get this peice to fit. No problem with a dremel.

Just have to weld it up now. Next step is taking off the stock fenders and installing the wide ones and then welding on brackets to the body to fit the new bumpers.

The brake assemblies are ready to bolt on, just need to machine some adapters for the Big Reds.

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