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A good collection of pics there-thanks.Good idea with your muffler-never thought to bend it in the middle to clear the body-made mine as well and had to make it a lot shorter to keep body clearance.Yes I am using all those inputs as well-with a single wire O2 sensor and the MAP.Think I have got the MAP beat now-made a small alloy tube with 4 small inlets and a 6 mm outlet and fitted 4 small one way check valves to stop each port robbing the rest of vacuum.Idles good now with 12 to 13" Hg and I fitted slightly smaller injectors-from 20.4 Lbs/hr to 18.25 lbs/hr.You would have to be very pleased with that 1/4 mile time and good fuel consumption as well.Looks like a pretty good package to me-good all rounder.
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