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I was going to leave my car overnight so it could be checked for the blueslip, the owner of the shop was worried about leaving the car overnight so he did the inspection on the spot.

Tomorrow I'm of to pay my money and then I can drive the car.

I've driven the car 50 or 60ks when I had to get it checked, never a problem, I was pulled up by the Highway Patrol on the way a home a few ks from my house.

I said to him I suppose you want to know why I have no number plates on the car, he said that and I wanted to have look at it.

I explained that I had just been for a blue slip, when he saw my name it turns out we knew each other 35 years ago and he was a VW head back then, small world but I live in the biggest city in Australia, not as big as other cities in the world but still freaky.

Part of the blue slip process was a brake test, the blue slip station is supposed to attach a special machine to car which measures speed, pedal pressure, deceleration etc.
Most guys can do this test sitting in their office chairs by swinging the machine a certain way. The place I took my car to has a floor mounted machine, you can see the plates in the photos.


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