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Originally Posted by effvee View Post
. I have pics of the Subaru 6 cylinder, and no matter how I continue to advance my type 4, I don't believe that it will ever match Excel in the power of the Subaru 6 cylinder. It's like, looking at that Subaru 6 cylinder is an addiction for me
I hear what you say, especially reading the reports on Andy Forrest's H6 in his time attack Impreza with way over 1000hp. Its extremely cool!
However... it is a watercooled 6-cylinder with OHC cams, which just weighs much, much more and hangs out even further behind the rear axle.

I short, driving dynamics will be far worse then an aircooled 4-banger with underlying cam behind you.
Handling is very underrated in the driving experience when all is said and done imho.

'75 Super.
...because race car!
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