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SOOOO, been sweating my butt off when I'm outdoors, so turn on the a/c in the shop and decided to do some stuff on the Ghia...

And of course there has to be some drama.... Opened the box that has held my new TMI carpet kit for a few years... Yep it's Black!! CHECK

Opened the box that has held my new door panels for 6-7 years... Yep, they're bla...c.... .. DAMN

OH Well, on they go .. .. Wait a minute -- Damn no rear panels … Gots to love this stuff...

OK, Time to start putting in the carpet kit... Houston we're going to have issues

So, I start cutting a little here and a little there --- Squeezing my BIG old butt in between the bars, under the bars.... Only got stuck a few times and only took 2 bottles of Ivory soap to get me out LOL.. In the end, I think there was more shards of the carpet on the floor than in the car.....

Now I just have in invent some rear panels to put into the car and I need to find some Door sills …..

Anybody know where I can get some???

Thanks for reading....
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