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Thanks Walter

Mmmm yes you have been tinkering..No mine is a little short of 2.7

I didn't realise that you couldn't use a stabilisation valve with dual throttle bodies.
I think I cracked it today, I've been playing with the fuel and advance at zero throttle. My map is incremented 500,1000,1500 and it now purrs at 1100rpm. I'll know in the morning when everything is cold if I can stop playing as it has made it a little difficult to start. Or I should say before I didn't need to touch the throttle until it fired but now I have to give it a little.

Other than the idle I can't fault the dyno work, it pulls from zero throttle in any gear. I've just got back from a 600 mile trip so I know it goes well

I had read about the idle control of the S60, the E48 is a little old now.

The engine is 2276cc but with Super Squishie pistons, they have a funny crown to the top of the piston. The cam is their's too and doesn't come with any details as to lift and duration. the strange thing is it only has 20deg total advance but that usual for a Squishie engine apparently. The map is therefore very flat unlike the fuel map.
On the dyno it peaks at 6500rpm at 163bhp, the torque already at 132lbft at 2000rpm and peaks at 4500rpm.
I've not had it on a rolling road yet to see what it looses from the box and my only run at the 1/4 I messed up the lights and let the guy get 3-4 car lenghts away before I realised it was green. that gave me a 15.39 so I know it's got lots more and is quick.

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