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Dulce the GL Bus

Long time lurker and occasional poster here. Digging my heels in again to get the old girl back on the road. 1966 11-window, non-deluxe T1 bus.

Brief high points of my history with her:

Bought her back in 1998 in Tucson from some hippy, earthy chick. It ran on 3 cylinders and the body was decent. I paid $2500 back then and I thought that was a lot!

In 2001 she was a rally support vehicle for a pro-rally team (Galant VR4) based in Phoenix. We went to hell and back again keeping up with large diesel trucks in the mud, rain, gravel roads at 75mph, and a foot of snow at the North rim of the Grand Canyon...she never once broke down on me

Several mods. over the years, '75 front bus disk brakes with booster, hydraulic clutch, rear air suspension, two fuel injection systems (CIS then L-jet), won a "VW spirit" award at a show in Lafayette, LA one time

Finally got tired of the old swing axle leaking, ripped it out to replace it with later bug IRS trans. and bus components and Mercedes CLK rims

'66 Bus(11-window, CLK rims, disk brakes, IRS, bags, hydr. clutch, Super-1600 w/injection)
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