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Mikey's Ghia Thread...

Hey Guys, after seeing all the build-up threads, I thought I'd start my own.

I took a big step today. I worked on it for about 10 hours. I got my radiator and fan in from Summit Racing last week. Today was the day to mount it.

I first started by making a braket to hold the radiator. I had a friend of mine bend me up some C-channel. After I cut it and bent it to fit the radiator, I then I added some angle iron to the corners to make it a little stronger. (pic 002) Then I added angle iron cross braces to hold the fan. (pic 004) Because of space reasons, and I wanted to be able to slide the radiator in and out with the fan in place, I mounted the fan infront of the radiator. I made sure to buy a push/pull fan for that reason. My goal today was to get the radiator braket made, and the radiator mounted in the car. At least tack welded. I didn't get that far because I ran into some rust issues. Strangly in the front of Ghias. The two peices aren't welded, they just stuck a gasket in and pushed the two parts together. I went in and pulled the gasket out and added some welds. You can see where they burned though on the last picture. I'm adding a grill I made in the big hole under the front. I just didn't think to stick it in there for the last picture of the night.
I had soo much energy I wanted to keep going untill I had the radiator in, But my body was telling me it had enough.
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