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Hey, when I first saw the PDK for me it looked shorted than the G-50. I really hoped that it was. But now I still want the EZ-36. So, even if I have to go with a 5 speed bug trans, and that 5 speed being a Berg, if I can get the EZ-36 the fit in, this will be my choice. The PDK, would take at least 8000$ just for it. Let alone the ECM interface concerns. I have a Rhino case gussetted. I can choose the Whiddle gears to match the G-50. My EZ-30 its without the oil pan and timing tran gear covers. I need to now get the meausurement. It's all about that 6 cylinder.

As a last ditch effort, I can get back on track with my three liter if all else fails. I choose not to go extreme in the axle tube area.
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