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Build Update: The car had a nice GM style wiring harness from American Autowire (Sold by Watson Street works), but it was heavily spliced in places, and didn't have anything protecting the wires/bundles, so I could literally see individual wires running under the fenders to the headlights!

I happened to have the same harness from my other car, so I installed it, using Tech flex loom, and cloth harness tape for the interior runs. Added nice quick connectors to anything that might change, like the harness in the engine compartment, etc..

I need to get pics after, it's so much cleaner...

I also moved the fuel pump from the back of the car, to under the gas tank, and removed the AN fittings since it was still using the stock vw fuel line.

When I cranked the car up for the 3-4th time, with the new electrical system, the starter was apparently (always) missing it's top "D" bolt that also holds the engine to the transmission. So it moved, and ground a few teeth off of the flywheel!

I pulled the engine, and saw that the car is running solid transmission mounts for some reason, with a strap on the rear mount:

It's hard to see the missing teeth here, but it was 2-3 teeth:

So, I ordered a new flywheel, and will fix it next week. Also need to replace the cheap fuel pressure regulator, as the dellorto 48s are very sensitive to fuel pressure, and were leaking over 2psi.

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