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German Look to me is the utilization of modern parts on our cherished old VW's. This could mean parts from Porsche, VW, Mercedes & even the aftermarket. I dont believe it it just limited to Porsche parts like some believe.

I dont think it should be limited to just one style either, it could include stripped out track ready cars & also modern looking streeters too.

Lets not turn the German Look into the *cal look where we all have same retro look cars with BRM Rims, 135 Tires, turbo muffler & lowered more in the front then the rear!

*Nothing against the Cal Look personally, I have been a fan for many years since the early 80's. But as of recently it has turned a bunch of homogenized cars with basically the same setup with different paint jobs! I remember a time when cal look meant anything from mono tone paint jobs to graphic paint jobs & everything in between.
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