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Site Financial Thread

To get this site back up and running, several people donated time and money.
To keep it running we have set up a system. An ad banner or banner/forum section combo can be bought for an annual fee. Alex will be the contact for this. If a shop or vendor would like to sponsor our site with an ad package, contact Alex via PM or email .
I have set up a paypal account just for the sites donations. I will keep a running total posted for money in and out of the account. This way members can see when funds are put in and when they are spent and what they are spent on. I do not have all of the info for the start up expenses so we will start from when the paypal account was opened. A donation icon/link has been installed on the main page.

To date we have a balance of $0.00

Thank you to Bug@5speed for $50.
Thank you PeteVW for $100
Thank you Steve C for $10
Thank you Volkdent for $100
Thank you again Volkdent $75
Thank you Michael Maggrah $40 CAD
Hosting fees paid 04/2011 - $110
Domain name renewed 01/2012 - $21
Thank you Xellex for $10
Hosting fees paid 04/2013 -$110
Domain name renewal 03/2014 - $23 (2 years)
Hosting fees paid 04/2015 - $110
Domain name renewed - $30 (2 years)

Thank you for your donations.
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