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Back in the game

Its amazing how life changes and what you once had little time for eventually comes back and bites you in the A$$.

I had the last year to forget about this project, spend more time with family and friends, finally obtain my Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, make a development move within my company, and generally start being happy about life again.

I tried to sell the project parts I had for a decent price but the deals fell through, or the pricing was unreasonable.

I was looking at purchasing various aircooled 911's, something I could get in and drive, 100% stock so no fiddling around was nessesary. After driving the majority of the models I was looking at, nothing impressed me to the point of putting a smile on my face after the drive (except for the Guards Red 965, owner decided not to sell ) My beetle with the turbo 2.0 T4 always made me smile so I decided October 2012 to get back at the project with a goal of having it complete Fall 2013.

Over the Christmas holidays I was able to put some time in to the project and actually got a fair bit done to my amazement The pan is complete, all plumbed up, just waiting on the front brake setup from Lanner / VDub Engineering to finally call it a roller

Hoping to start engine assembly in the next 2 weeks, lots of custom fab work needs to be completed, including a custom flywheel / ring gear using a Tilton dual disk clutch good to hold 620 FT-LBS TQ.

I got a great deal on a Raby DTM (V2) from Jake as well as a sync-link throttle system so I'm good to go in the cooling deptartment. Air-Air intercooler will go in the engine bay (A La Armin Klein) for the stealth factor (Sorry Wally !). I do need a good working T1 alternator / fan if anyone has one to sell.

The goal is to have the car ready for the Berlin Klassik in September 2013 ... here's hoping !

Good to be back in the game after a year.

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