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The Future of VKG

We just wanted to start, by saying thanks to everyone that has shown interest in becoming a member of the VolkSport Käfer Gruppe.

We (Zen, Pillow, NoH2O & Myself), started VKG with the purpose of having a very cool German Look club here in the South East US. We did not expect the feedback we received from all over the US & around the globe.

After much discussion & careful consideration, we have decided that the VolkSport Käfer Gruppe will stay here in the South Eastern United States for now.

We want to make this club the best that it can be here in our own neck of the woods before we allow other chapters to form anywhere else in the US. This does not mean we will not allow others German Look enthusiasts in different US regions to join VKG. They will just not reap the benefits of having most of the club members living near to them.

We also feel that if we take VKG Global it will be too hard to organize & to keep to the same VKG standards & requirements. So, VKG will stay here in the USA only. We will not be going global. The International GL community is more then welcome to duplicate what we have done here (minus the 'VolkSport Käfer Gruppe' name) & duplicate it in their home country.

So once again, we would like thank everyone that has shown interest in VKG. We hope that the VolkSport Käfer Gruppe becomes a corner stone in the GL community, paving the way for other German Look Clubs around the globe.

GL Forever!

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