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Originally Posted by TitoRay View Post
It seems that a 17 inch wheel has the best proportions to a bug. Some may remember the "Silver Arrow" that had 18 inch TSW Hockenheim R's with 235/35 tires on it and I thought that looked awesome!! On the other hand, there was a pic of a bug with 19's and someone mentioned that it bore a striking resemblance to a covered wagon, which I thought was very true. Maybe it depends on the wheel type. A 18-19 inch, 8-spoked wheel, like the "covered wagon," may look a little silly. 18-19 inch BBS "mesh" style or Porche wheels may look ok. But 17 inch wheels in any style seem to look fine. We have seen tuner wheels, mesh wheels, porche wheels, spoke wheels, etc., all in 17 inches and they look good.
I guess as the wheel size gets bigger the style range of wheels that look OK gets smaller and smaller.
Your thoghts?
Very interested in having a look at this Silver arrow on hockenheims, always loved them wheels and wanted them for my cabriolet. Anyone got any links to.
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