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Originally posted by Sandeep
Hi All,

FYI.... a 235/35/18 like I'm running on the front has a section height of 3.23".... same as a 205/40/17... The advantage is a much LARGER contact patch... but the disadvantage is weight...

A 265/35/18 like I'm running on the rear has a S.H of 3.65"... larger than a 215/40/17 at 3.38"....

A 195/50 has a S.H of 3.84".... So its not really 'Rubber Band' tires with 18's.

IMHO I think 19's are too big for a daily driver.... but to each his own.

My .02c

Hi Sandeep,

I'm interested in 18's. Do you have an updated picture of your car with widened fenders? Last time I saw your car was w/o the widened fenders yet. Appreciate very much.
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