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Hi all, I've just bought an early '74 1303S/Super Beetle with the 2-bolt upper bearing assembly (but not the rack-steering), which also has the 20mm-each-side wider track. I'd like to run it with Fuchs in 6x16 ET36 and 7x16 (not sure of the ET) but the fronts aren't going to fit without sticking out and rubbing on the wings, especially with a modest 2-3" of front lowering. By my estimation the fronts 'should' be ok on the back-spacing but will stick out around 1" (25mm) more on the bodywork-side.

So the question is, how have other people done it? I've heard that the 3-bolt assemblies can run in the 2-bolt cars (but not vice-versa), but would this also narrow the track to the earlier dimensions? I'm no mechanic - but I'd like to reassure mine that it can and has been done (I see lots of photos of late SuperBeetles running the same set-up). Do you also have to swap control arms, swaybars, spindles, etc... is there an easier way?

Any advice?
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